The Hillary Nutcracker with Stainless Steel Thighs and the Popular Vote


  • HISTORICAL. HYSTERICAL. COLLECTIBLE. And great for pecan pies.
  • STANDS ALONE. This is a 9 high, free-standing replica of the woman who almost became Leader of the Free World and is still Americas Most Popular Nutcracker!
  • IT REALLY WORKS! Just place a nut between her legs and squeeze. Extra fun when you add a little imagination.
  • THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN NUTCRACKERS Made from premium parts including her famous Stainless Steel Thighs. You’ll feel the power of her legs in your hands.
  • IN STOCK, ORDER NOW! Its crunch time as supply is limited. We are also the manufacturers of the older, blue 2008 Hillary Nutcracker you may see offered on other sites, but its outdated. Pink is now!


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